Help! My Kid wants to be an actor!

Whadda I do???

What if your kid came home from school one day and told you they wanted to be an actor? Would that send you into a panic? Would a vision flash before your eyes—your child as a grown-up, now a starving artist living under a bridge? If you are not an actor (or even if you are) and your kid can’t let go of the idea of being on the stage or silver screen and you find that terrifying or overwhelming or just plain confusing—never fear, we’ve got your back! Watch our video below and you’ll get some guidance, tips and reassurance—that just might keep your young actor from living under a bridge one day.

And for the actor that, as a kid, had their acting dreams poo-pooed by well-meaning but misguided parents, there’s some great stuff in there for you too.

Bonus: Check below for the links mentioned in the video!

Links to other resources:

How to Become a Child Actor

Self-Compassion and the Actor

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