Your Emotions Basket

Actors and emotions – they go hand in hand.

Every artist has an instrument – piano, paint and canvas, pen and paper.

Art is supposed to make the observer FEEL.

As actors we are our instruments: our feelings, our souls, our bodies, our voices, our imaginations . . . 

We need access to all of those, without blocks or impediments.

But what if you feel like your emotions are a mystery to you? Or can’t access them readily? Or push them out, knowing full well what you’re delivering feels fake and forced?

We’re all humans. That means we can all feel, and feel deeply. If you’re not feeling a connection to your emotional state it just means you need to learn how. Life can shut us down and make us want to block how we feel out of sheer protection. But it’s the actors job – part of it – to be accessible to emotions, to relish feeling them even.

The video below talks about some wonderful ways to start your emotional connection going – or to deepen it if you already feel pretty connected. And it relates it to scene and acting work.

Plus there are a couple of handouts to help you keep on honing your emotional dexterity.

So, take a watch and get ready to sort out your emotion basket. You’ll be happy you did!


Emotional Muscle Development Recording
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