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- The Liechty Technique -

A group of actors performing a scene of a play, in full costume

The Liechty Technique

Actors, can you imagine always feeling confident when you go into an audition, always being certain that you will do your best work (even on a cold read), or always nailing each take on set?

Sign up for an online acting class today, and learn the fail-safe process that will ensure your best work every time. It’s time to start your acting career.

Headshot of Julie-Ann Liechty, acting teacher and founder of Actors in Action Conservatory

I founded Actors in Action Conservatory/The Liechty Technique in 2015 to give actors the tools they need to do their best work 24/7, no matter the circumstances. My proven method draws from my own experience – including 30+ years of work in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles – as well as my study of the great acting teachers, including Meisner, Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, and David Mamet.

I provide my students with a fail-safe acting process that empowers them to do their best work every time, from auditions to callbacks to bookings.

Julie-Anne Liechty, Founder AIAC

Headshot of Mary Neville

Mary Neville
The Actors in Action technique is not easy, but it’s simple. I’ve always known why I wanted to be an actor but because of Julie-Anne, I finally have the how.

Headshot of Tiffani DeGregario

Tiffani DiGregorio
This class instills discipline in the actor.  It teaches the actor how to prepare for an audition with purpose; no more guess work, no more blindly feeling your way through the audition.

Headshot of Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson Casting
Julie-Anne’s auditions are always solid and well prepared. I’m happy to recommend her classes to everyone who wants to strengthen their technique.

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