Julie-Anne’s training and experience makes her a very strong actor. We can always count on her to give us a fantastic audition, which is something as casting directors we’d like to see more of.  I’m happy to recommend her classes and Actors In Action Conservatory/The Liechty Technique to everyone near or far who wants to develop such a rock-solid acting process.

Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson Casting

For actors it is so important to have great training, like what Julie-Anne gives you. Then you can trust it in the moment, that awesome actor programing she’s written into your macro chip. When you have that and trust it you won’t get paralysis of means of analysis, you’ll be free and in the moment. That’s what as casting we need to see. And you can’t have that kind of accessibility without training like hers. 

Andy Roth
NYC Casting Director

I love how The Liechty Technique covers the many aspects of acting. Julie-Anne not only teaches . . . but she “trains” actors to do their best work consistently – which is every agent’s dream. All actors, regardless of where they live, should take advantage of the training at Actors In Action Conservatory.

Vickie Panek
Talent Management Group

The Actors in Action technique is not easy, but it’s simple. I love that it is a process anyone can learn. It is a technique that I can work on daily. It’s helped me in tremendous ways in terms of booking jobs and gaining confidence. I’ve always known why I wanted to be an actor but because of Julie-Anne and AIA, I finally have the how.

Mary Neville

I would enthusiastically recommend ACTORS IN ACTION to any friend of mine looking to learn and grow as an actor. Julie-Anne equips her students with a stellar set of tools for the audition room and beyond. Since enrolling in her class, I have managed to book work consistently and had the confidence to make the move to LA. AIA all the way!

Amy Arburn

Julie-Anneeeeeeeee!!!!! Just flew back from Miami from shooting the film teaser and wanted to thank you so much for you coaching classes. I hadn’t been training for about 3 years and your technique was as specific, precise and effective as I needed. Thank you so much, you have no idea the difference it made to face this challenge just by playing the actions. Namaste.

Caroline Rosalino

This class instills discipline in the actor. It teaches the actor how to prepare for an audition with purpose; no more guess work, no more blindly feeling your way through the audition. If you do your specific homework, actually breaking down the scene, choosing actions, and finding an As-If that speaks to you, then you’ve done everything you can to prepare, and everything else is out of your control. My auditions have been more fulfilling, too, because being prepared makes it easier to let the audition go afterward, rather than agonizing over every missed opportunity.

Tiffani DiGregorio

If Julie-Anne Liechty lived in Salem in 1692 she would have been burned at the stake as a witch, because what she does in her class is pure magic!!!

Jacob Chemeda

This class is different from others I’ve attended. I’m not merely told I “need to connect more” or “be in the moment” or “make it more meaningful” and left to figure it out on my own. In this class I’m taught HOW to act. I’m given technique.

Joey Cannella

AIAC and the Liechty Technique has revolutionized my craft. It has allowed me to get out of my thoughts; and act with direct intention and real human behavior. These teachings have helped me get signed by one of the top agencies in Utah and most recently, an agency in Los Angeles. I recommend this class to any creative who wants to skyrocket their work and bookings!

Lorenzo Silva

You’re amazing! Thanks! Everyone on set said that my work was amazing, and your technique made it so much easier!

Martian Causaus

AIA online classes helped me connect to my partner, learn new acting techniques, be more free and all the materials that were provided during the classes were also very useful. Julie-Anne has a different approach of teaching and she pays a lot of attention helping actors connect to their partners which is something every actor should do. Julie-Anne is one of the most positive and smiley people I have ever met and whenever the class started and I saw her smile, it made me motivated and reminded me once again why I love acting so much.

Margarit Shmavonya

I whole-hardheartedly recommend this class to anyone serious about acting. Julie-Anne’s passion for this craft shines through in her dedication to pushing and challenging even the most seasoned actors. After this class I feel more comfortable in my skills and more confident in a process. This class is a one of a kind and I found myself craving the experience here all week long.

Michael Johnson Portland

I want to thank you for sharing your experience, wisdom, and talent with me.  Your approach to scene work has deepened and colored my work so swiftly, and I am very grateful for your direct, focused instruction.  After 20 years in this business, you’ve taught an old dog new tricks.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I can’t wait for the next session to start.

Tiffani DiGregorio

I am thrilled to find how using the tools of the Liechty Technique help me to feel more understanding of, grounded and confident in the character I am portraying. I’ve found breaking down the scripts to be a bit daunting, so thank goodness for Julie-Anne’s warm and fun way to learn and integrate new information! Her commitment and enthusiasm is infectious. While her manner encourages spontaneity and creativity. I know additional classes will only strengthen my performances and look forward to them!

Lynn Chambers

I have never taken a class like this before. Actors In Action has changed the way I look at a script. Julie-Anne is such an amazing teacher, her take on acting is refreshing. I am so happy to have found a teacher who has helped get me out of my acting ‘go to’s the way she has. I have taken the class twice and plan to keep on going back. I have learned so much and I know I will keep learning more with her instruction.

Chelsea Goodwin

AIACFT is a fun, safe and affordable place to grow and learn your craft. Julie-Anne’s unique teaching style allows her to skillfully duplicate her talents into her students. She has permanently changed my perspective on the art of acting by teaching me to perform with passion and authentic emotion. Highly recommended!

Kevin Laroc

My experience with AIACFT has been nothing but beneficial. I have been taking classes for two years and started with no previous acting experience, so I struggled but Julie-Ann outlined the acting process in away that wil help you to follow the methods, with the exercises and repetition. AIACFT has helped me in so many ways both professionally and personally.

Althea Sam


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