Classes and Individual Training Options

Current Class Schedule 
Intermediate Monday Evenings 6:30 to 10pm MST
Beginning Tuesday Mornings 10am to 1:30pm MST
Starting Soon: Beginning Tuesday Evenings 6:30 to 10pm MST
Beginning Saturday Mornings 10am to 1:30pm MST

Must interview before signing up. Click HERE to sent up an Inquiry Session.
All classes are Hybrid (Online and In-Person)

AIAC Ongoing Acting Training – $209 a month
One 3.5-hour class per week.  Due to the specificity of the training offered at AIAC all actors, regardless of experience or prior training, start out at the beginning level. As they progress in their work they are personally invited to move up to Intermediate and Advanced Level Classes. At AIAC you will train in the Liechty Acting Technique, which combines the best of the greats, Stanislavski, Meisner, Uta Hagen, David Mamet, Lessac giving you the fundamentals of acting, voice and movement. You will develop a fail-safe acting process, master the basics of auditioning, script analysis and performance. The business of acting is discussed in class, but this is primarily acting technique training. Beginning Ongoing Acting Classes are held Tuesdays 10am to 130pm MST (Hybrid), Tuesday Evenings 630 to 10pm MST (Online)(currently on hiatus) or Saturdays 10am to 130pm MST (Hybrid). Intermediate and Advanced Classes are by invitation only.

Ongoing Training

AIAC Ongoing Individual Training – $259 a month
One 30-min individual session weekly. 
Ongoing 30-minute weekly individual training. Actors will schedule their weekly training sessions as fits into their calendars. You will receive intensive, one-on-one acting training which will enhance your performances and auditioning at an accelerated pace.

Individual Training

AIAC Ongoing Class Plus – $329 a month
One 3.5-hour class per week + 30-min weekly individual
If you truly want to accelerate your training this is for you. With the Class Plus option you will not only get the intensive training of your weekly AIAC class (3.5-hours) you will also get a 30-Minute Individual Weekly Training Session. In that session specific training and guidance will be given to help you more quickly assimilate the mastery of the Liechty Acting Technique (LAT) building your confidence and solidifying your individual, fail-safe acting process at a rapid-fire pace.

Class Plus

AIAC Intensive Ongoing Individual Training – $369 a month
Ongoing 60-minute weekly individual training. Actors will schedule their weekly training sessions as fits into their calendars. This boosted individual training gives you in-depth access to the highly effective Liechty Acting Technique. You will train one-on-one receiving individualized guidance on craft development, auditioning, reel work, etc.

Intensivie Individual Training

AIAC Ongoing Class Plus Plus – $439 a month
One 3.5-hour class per week + 60-min weekly individual
This is the most accelerated course AIAC currently offers. Delve deep into your training with weekly 3.5-hours of class plus a 60min individual training session (or two 30min sessions). Focused and highly effective, this option will quickly cultivate your technique bringing your acting work to a competitive, professional level. Reel development is also included.

Class Plus Plus

AIAC Youth Core  – $189 a month
One 2 hour class per week. This course is for the highly motivated young actor ages 9 to 12. Just as other AIA Students, Youth Core Actors are taught the extremely effective Liechty Acting Technique which helps them develop a fail-proof acting process that can bring out their best work from audition to booking. Giving this opportunity at such a young age will boost the confidence of your young actor and put them on an early path to success. Youth Core students join in the AIAC Beginning Classes for the first two hours each week. They are taught  exercises, skills and drills a long side the adult students and participate in the weekly audition process.

Youth Core

Individual Training/Coaching

Individual Training/Coaching

$57.50 per half hour
Whether you need coaching to nail that audition, want to work on a monologue, memorization technique, characterization, a script you’ve booked, etc. we’ve got your back. Audition and or individual coaching can give you that competitive edge to move forward with your acting career. We look forward to working with you.

$110.00 per hour
Delve deep into that audition, script, monologue or technique you’re working on. Our 1 hour individual sessions are ideal for getting the maximum results, preparation and guidance you’ll need to really make the difference in your acting career. We look forward to working with you.

Audition Coaching

Complimentary Coaching
15-minutes of acting coaching with founder of AIAC and the creator of the Liechty Technique, Julie-Anne Liechty. We will discuss where you are with acting, your goals and how best to help you achieve them. We look forward to meeting with you.

Complimentry Coaching 2023

Self-Taping Services

Self-taping services

$26.25 per 15 mins 
In person at Lightree Studios SLC or via zoom. Includes professional lighting, sound, coaching, editing, and uploading to all platforms except Eco Cast/Actors Access. Book below or text 323.215.6350 to schedule directly.